Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who's 90?

My grandpa turned ninety years old on July 16th this year. To celebrate, a few of us cousins got together some favorite memories and best wishes for the old whipper snapper. I collected them here in this audio postcard. Enjoy! (*)

(*) The music at the close is meant for "gettin' down," people. As that is the proper thing to do when celebrating ninety years of life. Don't just sit in your chair and listen, boogey down, would ya?

A little audio test

I'm trying out to see if it's a viable option to post audio to my blog. Though, the more immediate impetus is to find a good place we can publish the great work of all of the students in my youth radio class.

Here's an audio postcard I made as an example for the class. Give a listen... And let me know what you think of the presentation and the quality of the audio.