Monday, September 28, 2009

Why reinvent the wheel? Just resell the old square.

I have been a lazy blogger. But in some respects, I have not... Eh...? eh...?

I have been blogging over at for the last few months. And thus, have entered a personal blogging slump on my own site. It's sad. I know. Why do burnt out at 31? I don't know.

Photo Credit HarmonyWishes, inc

So, hey! Why not check out what I've been writing over at HarmonyWishes?

Here's their blog site. And here's one of the latest two blogs I just posted recently. If you're so inclined, wander around on the HW's site. They've got some amazing images to share. And as a further scoop: another blog will go up on Thursday. So check back!

Photo Credit HarmonyWishes, inc

I haven't forgotten you, lovely reader. I have just run out of steam over the last couple months. It might be because I was battling the flu (not the pig-inclined variety--but just as brutal) More to come! I promise.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mirror, mirror

I have an extremely vain moth camped out in my bathroom...

"Mmm, is this my good side? No? Every side is good. Oh, does anyone else have eyes as pretty? No. No they don't."

What do you think she's saying to herself?